Custom Oligo Service

Custom Oligo Service
JP Pat. No.:4940311
CA Appl. No.:2,706,222
EP Appl. No.:08851080.5

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Case 1

Case 1
Case 1

Ref. Y.Yoshimura,and K.Fujimoto,Org Lett,2008,10,3227-30
Ref. K.Fujimoto,K.Konishi-Hiratsuka,T.sakamoto,and Y.Yoshimura,ChemBioChem,2010,11,1661-4

When CNVK is incorporated into an oligonucleotide, very rapid cross-linking to the pyrimidine base in complementary strand can be induced at 366nm wavelength and rapid reversal of the cross-link is possible at 312nm wavelength. Neither wavelength has the potential to cause significant DNA damage.  

Irradiation at 366nm wavelength to duplex which incorporated CNVK led to 100% cross-linking to thymine base in 1 second, although complete cross-linking to cytosine takes 25 seconds.
A 30 second irradiation time will cover all situations. In addition, purine bases are unreactive to cross-linking.  

Complete reversal of the cross-link takes place at 312nm in 3 minutes. This facile reversal reaction is accomplished with no damage to normal DNA.

Case 2

Case 2

Ref. Y.Yoshimura,T.Ohtake,H.Okada,and K.Fujimoto,ChemBioChem,2009,10,1473-6

As application of this cross-linking technique, When CNVK is cross-linked with a dC residue in duplex DNA, heating at 90°C for 3.5 hours led to deamination of the cytosine base to form uracil in the complementary strand.

Reversal of the cross-link at 312nm led to a DNA strand in which dC had been converted to dU. This transformation is specific for the dC residue opposite the CNVK and any further adjacent dC residues are unaffected.

Similarly, CNVK can be cross-linked to an adjacent RNA strand.

Custom Oligo Service

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